Strategic Energy Management

  • Facility energy security planning                                 
  • ECBC and regulatory compliance                                 
  • Energy Star certification consulting
  • ISO-50001: Energy management system facilitation
  • Energy information system implementation
  • Alternative energy feasibility study
  • Equipment condition assessment and replacement strategy
  • Energy Efficient technologies' advisory
  • Utilities' performance management
  • Energy procurement & energy certificates facilitation
  • Energy strategies for mandatory environmental clearance

Green Strategy

  • Low Carbon strategy planning
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Carbon footprint management
  • Green grant funding support

Energy Training & Workshop

  • Energy awareness survey & gap analysis
  • Energy communication program design
  • Energy & Sustainability on-site training
  • Energy Management workshops

Energy Efficiency Engineering

  •  Facility energy health-checkup & baseline audit
  • Zero / low cost opportunities identification & implementation
  • Investment-grade energy audit & projects' feasibility
  • Energy monitoring & control system
  • Energy Efficiency project management
  • Mandatory audits & post occupancy survey
  • Retro-commissioning

Green Buildings & Hospitals

  • Green Building rating facilitation
  • Green Hospital planning
  • Energy efficient MEP design
  • Energy modelling & analysis
  • Third party commissioning

Water Management & Engineering

  • Water audit & condition survey
  • Water efficiency projects' management
  • Water recycling engineering
  • Rain water harvesting


Advantage to the Client

Effective energy and carbon management is increasingly important for any organisation seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Many organisations have begun to embrace the benefits of effective carbon management, which include:

Deliver cost savings

By effectively managing your business' energy and carbon use, you can enhance efficiency and reduce your energy costs substantially.

Our recommendations often include no-cost to low-cost capital expenditure projects.  Producing a detailed implementation plan helps secure funding, by      providing a full feasibility study and a robust breakdown of the RoI - a key metric.

Reduce your carbon

Cutting the amount of carbon your business consumes can significantly reduce the hefty taxes and charges levied against your business' carbon consumption. In addition, your can gain a significant boost-up in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which plays an increasingly important role in the supply chain and business branding.

Improve efficiency

A detailed energy survey can highlight inefficiencies in your business operations. With further investigation, there is huge potential to improve the efficiency of your business' plant and processes, increasing productivity and thereby, your bottom line.

Comply with legislation

As Government environmental legislations become stricter by the day, organisations will need to work faster and harder to comply. Failure to submit the necessary reports, data and levies can lead to hefty fines and potentially harm your business' reputation.

Other benefits

  • Improving environmental performance by reducing carbon emissions
  • Minimizing   company's carbon-footprint
  • Improving CSR reputation
  • Strengthening brand value
  • Value-addition to   business sustainability and to the future of  Earth

Ineffective Energy Management means Fiscal Irresponsibility

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